Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sailing into trouble - Sea and Sky

Surprisingly, there was little indication of what was brewing as we sailed up the Venetian Lagoon towards Chioggia.  Weather is fickle and can change so quickly, but we had a peaceful meander that day.

Just us...

...and them...

...the sea...

...and the sky.

This is what I go out on the water for!


  1. Sea and sky seem to meet and melt together. These are glorious photos!

  2. I loved the emptiness and the definition given by the black way-markers. This is what I go out on a small boat for!

  3. Marianne, these pictures are beautiful, each with a certain atmosphere. The openness is powerful. Yes, I can understand why you go out on the water. What adventures you have had!

    1. I was perched on the bow of the boat in my swimsuit taking these Frances - I had to grab my camera, it was so atmospheric out there. Adventures indeed - at least I know I am alive!

  4. Replies
    1. I was just pointing the camera into the bright sunlight. Lucky they came out well!


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