Sunday, 29 April 2012


A walk in a rain-drenched bluebell wood 
the last cool rays of the evening sun 
a wicker chair, a woolly jumper 
and a glass of white wine   

Practising for summer!


  1. Oh yes..... that is the life.
    Today was a dryer day but we really do need a run of dry, warm weather to be able to sip wine in our gardens!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Hence the woolly jumper. Got to catch it while you can this spring!

  3. Hi, You stopped by my blog so I stopped by yours,now I am following you,LOL!

    Best wishes

  4. That's nice! It will encourage me to try and post more often. Talking to myself tends to pall after a while.

  5. You don't talk to yourself! Whenever you comment I always check to see if you are posting. Yes to the jumper and the white wine. Tonight we have managed without the wood burner. Is summer coming?

  6. Popped over from elsewhere - slow lane life?

    You have a lovely blogging voice. Do post more often!

  7. Elizabeth, you are a very forgiving blogging friend and your comments are always much appreciated.

  8. Colleen, thank you. I shall pop over to see you too


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