Friday, 8 August 2008

Remember When It Rained

I'm sitting in my son's bedroom, which used to be our study (he has captured and isolated the computer and I can only access it by using threats of withdrawal of services) and listening to Josh Groban on YouTube singing the most powerful, beautiful song I have heard for a long time 'Remember When It Rained' and quietly reflecting on my life.

I worry about tempting fate, that things will fall apart if I talk about it, make it real, even in a virtual sense. I am so happy with my life now, but experience has taught me to live only in the moment, so I try to stay with that. A couple of nights ago, we celebrated the first anniversary of the beginning of our journey to love each other, and we do. Love each other. I have no idea whether we can continue to hold onto this feeling, make it work tomorrow as well as today, but for now I love and am loved in return.

It doesn't get any better than that.


  1. No, it doesn't get any better than that - and how good to be reminded to live in the moment rather than constantly looking forward to what may be. But so hard to do! Life's greatest trick, I think.

    Think you should blackmail your son more often!

    Lovely to read you again,

  2. Hi Livvy. Good to hear from you. I have been absent for so long now that I think, if I post, it has to be just for me. But it's nice to know that you're there too.

  3. Well I have come back every now and then to see if you were still here and silence. So this is good - glad you are blogging and happy.

  4. Hi Elizabeth. It is very addictive and I have a little time at the moment - school holidays, so yes, I'm dipping in. Will come and visit!

  5. Welcome back, Marianne! I had thought that it was 'So Long, Marianne', but I kept the link live just in case. Good to know that you have not been inactive in the interim and that all manner of things are well! Bon voyage! We'll await the mariner's tales on your return.

  6. Good to hear from you Dick. I have missed my blogging friends.

    Off tomorrow. Rather nervous, but hope all will go well. A night crossing on a 32' boat is certainly new territory for me. Wish me luck.
    See you soon.


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