Monday, 11 August 2008

Now (and then)

Staying in the moment is one of life's hardest lessons and one I wish I could have learned better a long time ago.

When I met my ex-husband, I was always thinking about the next step - moving from dating to being in a relationship, then living together, eventually getting married, buying a house, having a baby, then another baby and then another, buying and selling more houses, always searching for the dream, without realising that I had it all the time. Sadly for me, the dream turned into a nightmare and the road ultimately led to separation, divorce, the break-up of my family and massive financial insecurity.

My life is very different now, not better nor worse, just different. It is only when devastation is complete that rebirth can begin. I can hope and dream about tomorrow, but for now I have today. And it's enough.


  1. I think that's a lesson a lot of us could do with learning... to live in the moment - I for one am always stressing about what has been and what's to come and find myself not really enjoying today!

  2. Hi Ladybanana. Nice to know you are out there, somewhere lost in cyberspace.

    I remember when I had my eureka moment, not so long ago. I was lying in the bath relaxed, thoughts free flowing, and I asked myself what I would most regret when I am dying. And the answer came to me that the thing I struggle with most is living in the moment and appreciating what I have. Once I realised that it was easier to focus on the positives and the more I do that, the more they come into my life. I try to hold onto that every day, even when it's hard.

  3. I was very ill a couple of years ago - did wonders for being able to live in the moment.

  4. Yes, Elizabeth, I think it is when everything we take for granted is threatened that we truly learn to appreciate what we have.

    I hope you are keeping well now.

  5. I think that is a very good mantra.

    Even though I have been in your situation and me and my hubby stayed together in the end, I adopt your philosophy...and always will.


  6. People's lives are fascinating Angel. I should love to know more about my blogging friends.


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