Friday, 22 June 2007


'I used to sing,' he said as we walked along the road from the lovely country pub garden to the car park, 'folk songs, in the 60's and 70's. I used to sing in pubs and clubs in the North of England when I was a student.'

He had phoned me earlier that day and suggested we go and see a film in the small, intimate cinema in a nearby village. He calls from time to time. Afterwards, we didn't want to end the evening just yet, so ambled along to a nearby pub, sat in the almost deserted, lantern-lit garden, chatting and watching the evening fade gently into night.

'Sing to me,' I asked, smiling. 'Sing something for me now!' 
'What, here?' he said, surprised. We were walking back to the car park, past an abandoned, boarded-up church and I took his hand and drew him into the quiet calm of the overgrown, neglected churchyard.

And he did. He sang for me. Five verses of a sea shanty, a tale of love and loss, in a fine baritone voice, under the new, crescent moon.


  1. oooo bloody hell! is this current? is this why you haven't been around? I've just come from one love story at Lady McLeod's and now i've stumbled into another! More please!

  2. How beautiful! I hope it has happened recently.

  3. How gorgeous for somebody just to sing to you like that. What about reading together - do you/did you do that, too?

  4. You go girl......he sounds a bit fab!

  5. WOW!
    I wonder if I heard this guy in a Northern pub yrs and yrs ago..
    THis is lovely, Marianne.
    Please continue!

  6. Oooh, Marianne, this is very exciting. I once wanted to kiss a boy in a churchyard, but it was padlocked. We went to his house and drank Jack Daniel's instead...

  7. M&M, that doesn't have quite the same appeal somehow. I am a bit of a romantic; but what happened next?

    Yes, Lizzie, gosh! At my age too!

    I would love to continue Jan & PITK, but there isn't anything else yet. Sorry. It was last Monday, PITK.

    He seems nice Secretary, but I don't know where this is going, if anywhere.

  8. Fingers crossed it is going somewhere. Anyone that does that is a good egg in my book. Good luck.

  9. A slightly awkward male presence here with a typically banal - anal even - enquiry amongst the justified romance. Any idea what the song was?

    I'll get my coat...

  10. Oh dear, I forgot how super that time in my life was - before I met my husband. I loved a bit of romance...

  11. It's all very tentative DM, but I thought that was a special moment.

    Sorry Dick, I have absolutely no idea what the song was. It didn't seem relevant. I'll try and find out if I see him again. No, when I see him again. But he does rather tend to come and go.

    Thanks Isobel. I'm just enjoying the moment.

  12. we're all enjoying the moment, marianne! You must promise to keep us updated....


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