Sunday, 24 June 2007

Scottish Reels

It was quite simply one of the best parties I had ever been to! The Scottish reels were an inspired choice and the perfect antidote for inhibitions as we all made mistakes and fell over our feet or span into someone else. For a while, we all became children again, laughing and giggling and talking to complete strangers.

I took to the floor with a friend but we were immediately whisked away from each other by the dance and I found myself stopping with the music in front of a tall, slender man wearing a pink shirt. I have a weakness for a man in a pink shirt. We chatted for a few minutes and discovered we had friends in common before the music started up again and we whirled away from each other in opposite directions.

It was much later when I was taking time out at the bar, chatting to people I hadn't seen for a while, that I saw him come across the room towards me. He joined the group and someone introduced us properly, then the group gradually dispersed as people rejoined the dance floor or saw other friends and we were left temporarily alone. We talked for a while and I wondered if he would ever ask me to dance. I was itching to get back on the floor. At last he did and we danced the night away, leaving the party in the small hours.


  1. WOW!
    (And WOW again...!)
    To Be Continued ( pleeese)

  2. Well, I hope so. That was just before Christmas, so this is very slow burn.

  3. Goodness - where are all these dashing men coming from? I can do 'slow burn' - more please as and when....

  4. These are just the sweetest love stories - if this were a book i'd be wanting to turn the page and find out more.....

  5. How many have you got on the go, Marinanne?

    I want one!

  6. And then there's the Australian in Brighton! Has he appeared yet - and if so, how did it go?

    I see you have been very busy and having a good time, which is so nice...

    But do come and visit me again some time, won't you? One way and another I have quite a lot to tell too...

  7. Beatrice, I feel very guilty and will come to visit you and catch up. I so wish I could check out blogspot at work.

    Just the two at the moment M&M. Keeping my options open and enjoying the attention, storing up the memories for fallow times.

    I was thinking, Mountainear, that it reads like a Katie Fforde novel, but sometimes life does imitate literature. This is all absolutely true. I just wish I knew what would happen next and that it would be good. The last two times I kissed a Prince, he turned into a frog!

    The men I meet Debio are usually local, work in London and are recently separated. I tend to meet them through friends. It is always rather volatile as everyone is going through changes and has been hurt, so the important thing is to have plenty going on in my own life and try not to invest too much too soon.


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