Friday, 11 December 2015

Advent Candles and hope

I love that quiet moment in the day when darkness falls too early and I light the advent candle and pause for a while, take time out from the busyness of all the preparations for Christmas, reflect on the day that flew by in a whirlwind of activity.

I know we are lucky to enjoy peace and plenty, and it's something that is brought home to us daily as we hope and pray for peace and security in an increasingly uncertain and troubled world, but a little light shining in the darkness is a potent symbol of hope.


  1. Absolutely beautiful words! My heart resonates! <3


  2. Thank you for a lovely blog, Marianne. I totally echo Arleen and Katy's comments.

  3. Marianne, my December seasonal demands are gobbling up my hours. How glad I am to have taken time to see this post and those that preceded it. I wish I could comment longer, but know that the eventual arrival of New Year will give us many more opportunities. Even an extra day. xo

  4. A beautiful picture of your Advent candle. Thoughtful words. I've just remembered that it's the eve of St. Lucy's Day as I write this comment. Candlelight in the darkness is so meaningful.

  5. The quiet hour after my pre-dawn walk is precious. This year my advent candle is red. I light it at the kitchen table and then enjoy the peace.
    I enjoyed this post - short, but you set a wonderful mood.

  6. There is something atmospheric about lighting a candle. Glad it resonates with you and thank you for the comments - always welcome.


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