Thursday, 21 August 2014

Another day, another mooring

I love the skies in Sweden, especially the evening skies just before the sun sets after a long, long summer's day.

It is rarely dark before 11pm and light starts creeping into the skies again by 3am in June/July, which I found rather unsettling. I don't think we really slept deeply at all.

We dropped anchor for the night in a quiet inlet before heading to Fyrudden, a small pretty harbour, just a shop, a bar and a few houses, then on to Arkosund and a pretty sunset. We found ourselves caught up in a Swedish music quiz - we didn't understand the questions, never mind having the answers.  We did, however, manage to score one point - probably the answer was Abba!


Nykopping Marina at Night

Next stop was Nykopping marina where we could have showers and catch up with the laundry. Luxury! Then on to Ringson, an island in the Stockholm Archipelago where we learnt to moor onto the rocks, very popular with the Swedes, as you can then hop ashore and light a barbeque, walk the dog etc! 

Mooring onto the rocks at Ringsom

... before heading for the marina at Trosa, a beautiful little riverside town with a New England feel where we stayed a couple of days before a long, so very hot day motor sailing which brought us to the beautiful island of Rastaholm on Lake Malaren, our favourite place of all, I think. Just idyllic!

Trosa Marina
Sunset on Rastaholm

But we had Stockholm on our minds and the chance to sail into this stunning city, admiring the gorgeous Swedish summer houses built on the water and a chance encounter with Andreas, a lovely German who had hit a rock (a common occurrence in the Archipelago) and who needed a tow into Stockholm. We took his line and towed him for 2 hours - 4 tons of metal just behind us, and no brakes, negotiating a lock, a bridge opening and heavy boat traffic coming into Stockholm.

Swedish Summer Houses

We made it safely into Vasa Harbour in Stockholm, where we were found some scarce space - city harbours are popular in summer, but a crippled boat will always be a priority, and we ended our journey back where we started with an unlooked for extra two days in Stockholm, packed tight in Vasa harbour... with an invitation to a wedding in Germany very soon!


  1. What lovely days and nights! I hope you accept the wedding invitation. Experience tells me that it will be a lot of fun at a Schleswig wedding!

  2. It looks like you've had an idyllic Summer.

  3. There must have been many anxious moments towing in that other boat.

    It looks like you had a wonderful adventure this summer.

  4. I see what you mean about those beautiful Swedish skies. Wow!

    What a surprise it must have been to add your rescue mission to your holiday sailing. It's grand that you all reached Stockholm safely. Bravo on your good deed.

    Perhaps you'll be showing us some more of your splendid photographs in your next post? xo

  5. Your blog is simple enchanting.


  6. What an adventure on water. I enjoyed all the photos, especially the moody skies.

  7. It was the best holiday ever, I think. Such a great mix of experiences and a much needed idyllic summer. Glad you have enjoyed it with me!

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  9. So here it is again (delete if it is a duplicate) - What a beautiful journey! The Swedish skies are indeed gorgeous. Your photos are lovely and will be great to look at during the winter.


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