Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hoar Frost

We are living in the deep freeze in East Anglia at the moment, the weather from Siberia hitting the East Coast hard. The cold is intense and relentless and makes our daily dog walk a chilly but exhilarating experience as every blade of glass, every fallen leaf, every holly bush is etched with a thick coating of hoar frost, the shivering bare branches of the trees silhouetted against the bright blue sky.

Coming home is a real pleasure too and I have never appreciated more our lovely warm, welcoming house and the joys of the woodburning stove.



  1. I so want a woodburning stove and if we ever move from this flat I'm going to have one! x

  2. I love my woodburning stove! It has given me more pleasure (and cosy evenings) than anything else in the house x

  3. Beautiful images.;) we too have some very cold weather right now and lots of snow, but it is sadly about to end and we will return to the more classical Scandinavian winter - foggy, drizzly, grey weather.
    Love your cute stove, that is what I miss so much right now, but luckily we will have one in the new house.;))
    have a great week,

  4. Zuzana, it didn't last here either and we were quickly back to torrential rain and milder weather. I prefer the frost. Today is fine though, so a good walk in the countryside x

  5. Hello Marianne...I know this is an older post. I just wanted to say I understand that feeling of home and the warm fire burning in the fireplace. For me, here in Texas, I guess the fires will not be burning until Autumn returns this year. We are already having some days in the high 70's. I'm so glad we came across each other in the blogging world.....


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