Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Today is my day off. I'm listening to the 12 o'clock news on Radio 4, the only sound in my quiet kitchen apart from the traffic that swishes past my house on the wet road; white noise now.

Since I tore myself out of my warm bed after a restless night, woken by the shrill alarm clock, I have driven my 17 year old son to school, shopped at roadside stalls for bramley apples, proper free range eggs and brightly-glowing sunflowers. I have bought a large round pumpkin with the earth still clinging to its bottom, to be stored in the woodshed until Hallowe'en.

I have mucked out the messy rabbit, cleaned up cat sick and spread the ashes from our weekend fire around my recently planted parsley to keep the scavenging slugs at bay. I have washed dishes, sorted laundry, put yet another load in the washing machine (where does it all come from)? I have got to the bottom of my son's pile of discarded clothes, a once a week task I cannot quite relinquish - yes I know he should do it himself, but I live here too. Smelly socks, dank CCF uniform, crumpled suit, rank shirts - what is the problem with deodourant?

There are a hundred things to do in my home today, yet I'm sitting at the computer writing up my blog, dipping into other people's lives, because I have to do something for myself. It is, after all, my day off.


  1. Yes it is and I hope you did a lot more of what you REALLY wanted to do before the day ended..
    Glad youre posting again!

  2. I do enjoy blogging and catching up with all of you. If only there were more time .....

  3. Ah yes, all of this speaks to me! blog away I say.

  4. I wish, Elizabeth. Life tends to come in the way of blogging.

  5. I tell my boys that there is no way we are having a rabbit-it will be left to me to clean the messy thing out!

  6. You are quite right, Angel, and I am a soft touch!


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