Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Today is My Blog Birthday

I knew it was around now, that first tentative post into the void that is virtual reality. It took me a while to discover my comments box so I posted just for myself to begin with, because it nurtured something inside me that needed an outlet. I was quite happy really, in my own way, thinking no-one would be interested. Why should they be?

How wrong I was and what a rich experience it has been, meeting you all, enjoying dipping into your worlds and sharing mine with you. How kind you have all been and how supportive of the journey I have been on this year.

I have no idea where my life is going and whether this relationship I am involved in is going to go the distance. He is a lovely man and we share great happiness, but also, sometimes, pain. When he catches me where I still hurt most, where my wound hasn't healed over, I feel I cannot bear it. And yet ...

Thank you to all my lovely blogging friends for your company, your encouragement, warmth and humour and for sharing the last year with me.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Full Circle

The wheel turns full circle. Last year I didn't get to Lille. My carefully made plans unravelled and my new dark pink travelling bag went unused as illness intervened. Time has passed and things have changed. I am now preparing to spend a couple of days in Bruges with TMITWJ. We can't go for the weekend, because he is sailing, but it is half term and we want to spend a couple of days away together and for some reason we have agreed on Bruges. This time I shall be driven, we shall take the ferry as he loves the sea, and I shall have a lovely man to share the experience with, to spend time walking and talking, eating and drinking, someone to hold close.

I still cannot quite believe that things have changed so much for me and find it hard to trust that I can continue to be as happy as I am today. Surely that would be too much to hope? Not that it's been plain sailing for us. There have been major wobbles and problems continue to arise and challenge us, but somehow we are still here and it just seems to get better all the time.