Friday, 1 June 2007

The Curse of the Pink Bag

I've just realised, I've done it again.

I went out in my lunch break a couple of weeks ago and, browsing around one of the lovely local accessories shops which thrive in this prosperous small town, I spotted an outrageous hot pink handbag, perfect for summer, I thought, and particularly perfect for Speech Day, a very smart affair held in the local church, with drinks afterwards on the lawn, followed by a barbecue lunch

I had my outfit planned weeks in advance; a black wrap dress with a cream pattern traced delicately over it, a boxy black linen jacket, black high heeled shoes and pale pink jewellery. The bag would certainly finish things off with a flourish. We single mums have to keep our ends up in coupledom.

I'm sorry to say that I didn't go. I found out a couple of days before that my son's year, being on study leave, were not expected to attend. I suppose I could have gone on my own, but that seemed a bit sad. And I had had an exhausting few weeks and was at a pretty low ebb.

Still, I'm sure it will come in useful for something else. The drinks party I'm going to on Sunday, perhaps? I really must stop buying pink bags. The buying of one seems to spell social disaster for me.


  1. You saw, you liked, you bought. Not much wrong with that in my book. Enjoy!

  2. You will find the occasion for it. PS I plan to 'tag' you. Is that OK?

  3. WOW!
    I have a pink bag.
    I saw it at M/Ch airport and fell in love.
    It's huge and friendly and everything can be thrown in it and kept in it and left in it..

  4. What is tagging OM? Do tell!

    It's really a reference to the other pink bag I bought specially for my planned weekend in Lille. The trip that had to be cancelled because of the horrible Shingles.
    I seem to be developing a 'buy the pink bag and don't go' syndrome.

    I shall definitely use it today, though and probably for the rest of the summer. It won't be wasted. And there will be other weekends away, I hope.

  5. Well, it's a sort of on-line game. I nominate you (and four other blogs) and you have to come up with eight facts and nominate another five people to do the same. It's a bit like chain mail only minus the sense of doom and guilt, and if you never manage it it doesn't matter.......What do you think? I've just been tagged myself.

  6. Pink bags! What is the world coming to? Perhaps that is where I go wrong. I only buy practical black leather. Pink just isn't me!

  7. I have black leather too Isobel for more sober moments. Try pink -it does wonders for the soul.

    Have done my bit OM.

  8. Marianne, pink doesn't do it for me. I've never been a girly girl and so now find I am treading new ground with my daughter who is. I have one bag, black and and about half a dozen pairs of shoes, all brownish and black and eminently practical. I do however admire women who make the most of themselves and use colour to good effect. I can't!

    I do have the most sexy pair of thigh high leather boots (black) though. Best not to ask!

  9. Wow, fabulous Isobel. I only started to wear pink after my marriage ended, having been brain washed into avoiding it at all costs, but I love it now and don't care what others may think. It's also kind to the slightly less young face!


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